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JaVale McGee is currently averaging more points per game than Karl Anthony Towns, while taking less shots and playing less minutes.


[This isn't to shit on KAT or anything, it's just a hilarious small sample size stat.]


KAT (31.8mpg) - 16.4 - 9.2 - 1.6 - 2 blocks and 2.8 turnovers (43/45/95 splits)

唐斯(场均31.8分钟)——16.4分9.2板1.6助2帽2.8失误(三项命中率分别为:43% / 45% / 95%);

JaVale (25.4 mpg) - 17 - 7 - 1.6 - 2.8 blocks and 0.6 turnovers (63/50/65 splits)

麦基(场均25.4f分钟)——17分7板1.6助2.8帽0.6失误(三项命中率分别为:63% / 50% / 65%)。

Again, this is obviously an extremely small sample size and is not representative of what will happen throughout the course of an entire season, but it's kind of surreal/ridiculous/inexplicable that KAT is playing this badly to start off the season after signing a huge contract. He looks fully healthy too, just doesn't seem like he's fully in the games right now. On the bright side, he looks even better from 3 this year and he's shooting a career high from the FT line, so it's just a matter of time before he returns to form (I hope).


Alternatively, JaVale might be playing the best basketball of his career. This is in part due to LeBron's presence, but also JaVale just looks so active out there. he's hustling, shooting well, taking the right shots, and playing pretty solid defense too. Granted, it's only been 5 games and he's only playing 25 minutes a game, this might not be sustainable. But for now, this is great for him.



[–][LAL] Elgin Baylor WordsAreSomething 4187 points 1 day ago

JaVale has been playing out of his mind


[–]Lakers CutLonzosHair2017 2379 points 1 day ago

And weirdly it looks sustainable.


[–][GSW] Sarunas Jasike viciushamburgl4r 30 points 1 day ago

I'm proud of him, he has always been talented and hard working. He found the ideal situation and role for himself to thrive.


[–][DET] Ben Wallace johnazoidberg- 2272 points 1 day ago

Javale has always been a good player, but some clumsy lowlights made everybody think he's a joke. The man is an athletic freak and on a team that's willing to get him involved, he'll get involved


[–]Lakers EightTwentyFourTen 84 points 1 day ago

Javale has always been a good player

No, I don't think so. Javale has always had the potential to be a good player, but he hasn't always been good. To his credit, he made the best of his situation and turned it around. Going to GSW was probably the best thing that could have happened to him. You had a high-potential guy in a low pressure situation; and he capitalized on it. I was skeptical about signing him to the Lakers. We're clearly in a different tier from GSW and are still in the process of figuring a lot of things out, so there's less room for error and definitely a lot more pressure there, considering he's our only center. But he's carried over his success from Golden State and is surprising a lot of people, myself included, this year.


[–]Celtics yaboyrah[S] 13 points 1 day ago

he's been great. and given the lack of centers on the Lakers right now, he's extremely valuable to them in what he provides and as long as he's playing alongside elite passers like Bron/Rondo/Lonzo, I think he's going to be remain productive


[–]Lakers CutLonzosHair2017 721 points 1 day ago

At no point in his career did I think he had to potential to play this well. It isn't the Shaqtin thing, he found the perfect situation and he's killing it.


[–]NBA sunglao 918 points 1 day ago

Dunno, he looked good even on the Warriors, they just didn't need his scoring as he's often playing with the starters.


[–][LAL] Lonzo Ball xXBamBamGigaloXx 348 points 1 day ago

He looked great on the warriors, but with LA he looks way more active overall.


[–]NBA sunglao 483 points 1 day ago

He's much more important to LA. He's asked to do more, so he's doing more. JaVale was always capable of these numbers ever since he went to Golden State, but LA is a better fit for him.


[–]Lakers scrumtrulescence 58 points 1 day ago

no one seems to remember his Denver days... he's always been good.


[–]throwthisaway8863 27 points 1 day ago

preach to these nephews out here


[–]Wizards jyukuilzdf 22 points 1 day ago

As a Wizards fan, this revisionist history on JaVale is hilarious. He fully deserved the criticism he got when he was in Washington.

Not to mention Philly and Dallas both waived him before he joined the Warriors.




[–]wackysama 1628 points 1 day ago

KAT playing alongside his bully tho.


[–]NBA zxc123zxc123 72 points 1 day ago

KAT ain't a 2x Champ nor a 2x back-to-back MVP (Shaqtin) tho.

"Can't win with that KAT"

Anonymous NBA snake




[–]Pacers kajarann 3 points 1 day ago

KAT could go for those Shaqtin MVPs this year


[–]Raptors -HeisenBird- 45 points 1 day ago

Javale had to deal with being a Shaqtin' punchline for years until he finally shut that shit down.


[–][SAS] Boris Diaw YOU_PM_ME_THIGHS 918 points 1 day ago

KAT too busy making Arthur fist at Jimmy


[–][UTA] Carlos Boozer DenzelKorma 154 points 1 day ago



[–]Lakers KingDavid920 142 points 1 day ago

There's only one solution. McGee for KAT. Who says no?


[–]Bulls james-1990 149 points 1 day ago


He'll want to JaVale + LeBron, Lonzo and a home in Calabasas



[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant Siddc3 63 points 1 day ago

We'll give him JaVale and a Lakers Deng jersey.



[–][GSW] Stephen Jackson LeBronIsABiiiiitch 196 points 1 day ago

I love two time NBA champion JaVale McGee


[–]smurphlez 29 points 1 day ago

He’s an mvp too


[–][MIL] Giannis Antetokounmp omc2205 9 points 1 day ago

Shaqtin a fool?


[–]Lakers aepure 42 points 1 day ago

100% deserves to be starting and he's been one of the best players on our team. We'd suck a fat one if he wasn't here. Mad respect to this bro.


[–]Warriors johnnygrant 43 points 1 day ago

Well, one has two rings, the other has none.


[–]Lakers Hinohellono 549 points 1 day ago

He's gotten so much better the back half of his career. Plays his role perfectly, great fit for the Lakers.


[–]Enes_Cancer 275 points 1 day ago

hard to watch these games and believe the dude was an offer from the warriors away from being out of the NBA 3 years ago.

he's so athletic, boneheaded plays from time to time sure, but the dudes got heart.



[–][GSW] Klay Thompson Bear4188 11 points 1 day ago

A non-guaranteed camp contract, at that.


[–]Michigan__J__Frog 5 points 1 day ago

Roy Hibbert is out of the league. It’s tough out there for big men.


[–]Warriors Grochen 85 points 1 day ago

Dude should be grateful to Iguadala. There was a report about Kerr asking Iguadala if they should sign McGee or not and Iggy trusted in McGee


[–]Rockets Zemulon 1437 points 1 day ago

JaVale McGee is currently playing with a future hall of famer that is one of the best passers at his position in the entire league and is getting him tons of easy shots. Playing with LeBron also helps.


[–][LAL] Brandon Ingram CaliBornNYraised 94 points 1 day ago

You talkin bout Zo fam?


[–]Timberwolves whythehellknot 350 points 1 day ago

Lance can make em dance too


[–][MIN] Zach LaVine Zach_LaVine 571 points 1 day ago

McGee is playing great just by himself, but you're a hundred percent right. Are we really shocked that an uber athletic center playing with Lebron, Rondo and Lonzo is scoring a lot and doing it efficiently?


[–]artem2018champ 20 points 1 day ago

This is a lazy and false take by someone who doesn’t watch the game. McGee is posting up alone, and taking step back threes by himself.


[–][LAL] Lonzo Ball CoolScales 118 points 1 day ago

But he’s not only scoring on lobs or flashy finishes. McGee has scored on post ups a lot this year. He hit at least 4 of these yesterday. He has a little bit of range, and sometimes can shoot the ball from midrange and beyond. He’s even taken a couple centers off the dribble. All in all, he’s shown a variety of scoring abilities, and it’s been an absolute joy to watch.


[–][LAL] Kobe Bryant NotARealPenguinToday 39 points 1 day ago

Idk about a ton of easy shots, most of his hair are stuff he's working for himself. Lots of put backs and even a post game. He gets a couple free lobs or dunk though



[–][MIN] Zach LaVine Egonzos 91 points 1 day ago

We’re already down why kick us


[–]Miceland 121 points 1 day ago

Think about the contract that LeBron got Tristan Thompson

Is Javale McGee actually better than TT?



[–]SnowflakeMelter119 166 points 1 day ago



[–][DAL] Luka Dončić ____peanutbutter____ 18 points 1 day ago

Lakers averaging 69 points in the paint per game. Javale is a big part of it.


[–]Lakers robeo12055 40 points 1 day ago

It's a shame how JaVale wasted his early years in the NBA. If he was a little smarter and had better coaching he had a chance of being and all star imo. He just wanted to do too much too quickly.


[–]Heat wormhole222 65 points 1 day ago

I can’t speak for Thompson since 2018, but prime Thompson had a lot of great skills. He was a fantastic rebounder to the point where he was playing guys like Al Horford off the court. He also was an excellent switch defender which was critical in the 2015-2017 finals. Yeah Javale is a better finisher and conventional rim protector, but prime TT brought a lot to the table.


[–]WindLane 35 points 1 day ago

Man, talking like he's past his prime - TT's still in his 20's.


[–]Lakers PunishedCuckLoldamar 98 points 1 day ago

He sure doesn't play like it


[–]Heat wormhole222 20 points 1 day ago

Your prime can end due to a multitude of physical and mental reasons. There are no guarantees.


[–]Spurs AsnSensation 28 points 1 day ago

Does the kardashian curse belong to physical or mental reasons


[–][MIA] Jason Williams Paralta 53 points 1 day ago

Why are we acting like javale is having his first good season? Dude has been ballin since Denver. He played really well on the warriors too.





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